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The Superspy of Petras was a male anthropomorphic bird.


The Superspy was a Petran master of disguise. On the eve of the Battle of Petras (which would have opposed Salamander City to Petras and ended with Petras's destruction), the Superspy disguised himself as a Salamandrian and snooped around the enemy city. He was found out and captured by Salamander the Great, and his mission was therefore, originally, unsuccessful.

However, when Scrooge McDuck traveled back in time from 1965 in an effort to obtain a brand-new Battle of Petras Penny, he changed history by trading a Swiss army knife to the Superspy in exchange for a few coins. This is because the Superspy was then able to use the knife to escape prison and forewarn Prince Petra, averting the Battle of Petras. The Prince, overjoyed, warded him a "hero medal" upon his return.

Behind the scenes

The Superspy of Petras appears in the 1965 story Battle of Petras.