Fanwork “The Supportiverse” is an unofficial nickname for an alternative timeline of the 2017 Continuum.


In this universe, things generally developed as they did in the 2017 Continuum, but, after creating this world's version of Lena De Spell, its version of Magica De Spell (2017 Continuum) genuinely became an affectionate aunt to her, instead of an abusive slavedriver for whom the "Aunt Magica" business was merely a façade. After getting her body back, this Magica apparently didn't return to oppose Scrooge McDuck and instead became a Junior Woodchuck, followed by her niece — though she hadn't lost an enthusiasm for mindless violence, if her list of badges is anything to go by.

List of InhabitantsEdit

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Behind the scenesEdit

The “Supportiverse“ is a briefly-glimpsed parallel universe to DuckTales 2017’s timeline. It can be seen in a 2020 one-panel comic.

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