Sylvester Shyster is a male anthropomorphic rat.


This recurring foe of Mickey Mouse is a crooked lawyer who started out as a normal enough conman but soon graduated to full-on villainy after Mickey Mouse exposed his intentions of embezzling his client Minnie Mouse's inheritance. Shyster often works with Peg-Leg Pete, in which was he acts as the duo's brain while Pete is the brawn.

Behind the scenesEdit

Created in Mickey Mouse in Death Valley, Sylvester Shyster became a recurring antagonist of the early daily strips of the 30's, though he had largely disappeared by the 40's. Due to those strips' status as "classics", after a handful of appearances in Italian comics, Shyster was more recently revived starting in the 90's by such writers as David Gerstein.

A lawyer called Sylvester Shyster and somewhat resembling the character's classic design was used by Carl Barks in Race to the South Seas. It is unknown if this is merely a coincidence, or if Barks was purposefully reusing the character.

Interestingly, in the French translation of The Horseradish Story, Chisel McSue was identified as Sylvester Shyster, though that fact is obviously non-canonical.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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