NonDisney The Szaclowk are a sapient species found in the Halfworld.

Description Edit

The Szaclowk are the native sapient species of the Halfworld (which they call “Gryeherkgthorf”, a name found by the rest of the universe to be unpronounceable; this is not a problem for the Szaclowk, who do not use vocal chords to speak, as they have none). For unknown reasons, they are only half an individual each; the top halves (like those of everything else in their world) appear to exist in another dimension, independently from them, though the Szaclowk's biological processes carry on as though the halves were still joined.

The Szaclow hold mythological beliefs that they are the superior halves of the full thing, and that their ancestors intentionally cast off the other halves. Indeed, their name means "First-Half" in their own language. It is the belief of the Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids's Department of Phenomena that this myth is nothing more than that — a mere legend.

The Szaclowk were investigated by the Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids due to being a literal interpretation of the saying about two partners in a romantic relationship being alike to one person split in twain. Therefore, the Cupids have investigated ways to rejoin the Szaclowk with their lost top halves (however the Szaclowk themselves may feel about it), though as they have not yet located the top halves, this has as yet been unsuccessful.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Szaclowk are the subject of the 2019 written story Cupid Fact File No. 315 – The Szaclowk & the Halfworld.

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