Tabby is a non-anthropomorphic, but sentient, cat.

Description Edit

Tabby is a scrawny cat of uncertain, but dull, color (usually white or beige), belonging to Donald Duck. Though unable to speak, Tabby is as intelligent as his masters, and makes sarcastic comments about their antics in the privacy of his own mind. Rather lazy, like most cats, Tabby hates Fethry Duck with a passion due to his exuberant and disruptive actions, and does what he can to antagonize him whenever he pops by Donald's house — except when the beatnik duck offers him fish, fish being the cat's soft spot.

Behind the scenesEdit

A hapless cat called Tabby and belonging to Donald Duck was first seen in 1946 in the Carl Barks story Singapore Joe. He was not seen again until 1964's The Health Nut, written by Dick Kinney and drawn by Al Hubbard, going to make constant appearances in the Donald-Fethry stories of Kinney and Hubbard throughout the 60's. There is some debate among Disney comic scholars on whether Kinney based his Tabby on Barks's or if it was a coincidence, though in-universe it seems most likely the two are one and the same.)

Interestingly, in early scripts for the Fethry stories involving Tabby, Dick Kinney referred to Tabby as female. However, Al Hubbard drew the character as male and the letterers corrected the dialogue accordingly until Kinney relented and began writing Tabby with male pronouns as well.[1]

Tabby has similarities to two other Disney cats, Spitfire and Sergeant Tibbs.

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