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Tales of Two Cities was a webcast animated/live-action hybrid series released via the Haunted Holidays website as part of the celebrations of The Haunted Mansion's 40th anniversary.


The Hatbox Ghost travels alternatively through London and New Orleans, reporting on the various haunted locations within!

List of episodes

  1. Arnaud's Restaurant
  2. Charles Dickens
  3. The Haunted Swamp
  4. The London Underground
  5. Lyceum Theatre
  6. Magnolia Mansion
  7. Myrtles Plantation
  8. The Place d'Armes Hotel
  9. The Tower of London
  10. Westminster

Behind the scenes

Tales of Two Cities was released over ten weeks in 2009 within the animated, narrative framework of the Haunted Holidays website, which acknowledged the in-universe existence of the series, with a poster for it present in the Attic. The website is no longer available, but the episodes Tales of Two Cities remains available in the main Disney website's video databanks.