The Tamers of Nonhuman Threats (titled Tæmning af overnaturlige trusler in danish) are a benevolent secret organization.


This possibly government-backed organization is led by a mysterious man only known as the Head. Its purpose is to protect the people of Earth from "nonhuman threats", be they aliens or supernatural monsters native to good old Gaia. T.N.T. is recognized by alien authorities, and, indeed, a few of its members are aliens. Naturally, the Tamers have access to advanced technology.

It is possible that the Tamers have some connection to the Agency or to the Guardians of the Galaxy, although that is unconfirmed.

Known MembersEdit


Behind the scenesEdit

The T.N.T. are at the center of the T.N.T. series, created by Lars Jensen, David Gerstain and Flemming Andersen.

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