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is a female squirrel in the episode "Adventures in Squirrelsitting". She wore a pink dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and blue jeans with the legs also rolled up. Her mother is Mrs. Squirrel and her little sister is Bink.

History Edit

Tammy is notably strong-willed, very beautiful and exhibits a certain naivety consistent with her depiction as a teenager. Despite her beauty, she has a simultaneous overconfidence in her own abilities and a craving for approval and acceptance from her perceived hero figure, Chip and her former rival Gadget.

Tammy and her family first encounter the Rescue Rangers when they accidentally crash straight through the front door of the family's home, as a result of a mishap while attempting to retrieve the Maltese Mouse (a small artifact apparently of some value) from Fat Cat, who has stolen it. Tammy and her sister Bink are used as hostages by Fat Cat to force the Rangers to return the Maltese Mouse to him. As a result of Chip's rescue efforts, Tammy develops a romantic crush on him, complicating the situation.

After the initial hostage crisis is resolved, the Rescue Rangers are roped into babysitting Tammy and Bink overnight. During this time, feeling rebuffed in her romantic advances towards Chip, Tammy attempts to prove herself by sneaking away from Ranger headquarters with Bink, in an idealistic but ill-fated attempt to retrieve the Maltese Mouse on her own.

The Rescue Rangers attempt to enter Fat Cat's casino in disguise, but are discovered and captured. In the resultant struggle that forms the climax of the episode, Tammy and Bink end up playing a significant role in the Ranger's ultimate escape and successful recovery of the Maltese Mouse.

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