Taurus Bulba, later also known by the alias of the Steerminator, was an anthropomorphic bull (later a cyborg, and later still a full-out robot) and a crime boss.


An arrogant criminal mastermind of vaguely Russian origins, Taurus Bulba was originally one of St. Canard's top crime bosses until he faced off with Darkwing Duck over the Ram Rod doomsday device. Terribly injured in the aftermath of this encounter, Bulba was forcibly rebuilt into a cyborg by F.O.W.L., and continued to seek revenge on Darkwing as well as F.O.W.L. themselves, eventually transitioning into a wholly cybernetic being still hell-bent on vengeance.

Behind the scenesEdit

Taurus Bulba first appeared in Darkly Dawns the Duck, and later returned in future episodes of the Darkwing Duck series and in the comic.

Voice ActorsEdit

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