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Teddy Bears are a common type of stuffed toys.


Resembling cuddly-looking, vaguely anthropomorphic brown bears, teddy-bears are the world's most common stuffed animal.

First Teddy Bear

The first was created by a couple of candy store owners, and named the "Teddy Bear" after then-President Theodore Roosevelt. In thanks for the right to use the name, they sent their prototype to Mrs Roosevelt, and the Roosevelts kept it for several years before it was given to Scrooge McDuck in exchange for Gold Hill at the request of Scrooge's sister Hortense. Dismissive of the "children's toy", Scrooge only realized its great value as first-ever teddy bear 47 years later, at which point he began parading it as one of his greatest treasures.

Other Teddy Bears


Duffy the Disney Bear started out as a teddy bear gifted by Mickey Mouse to Minnie Mouse, before being made to come alive.

Mickey had previous intended to give Minnie a different teddy bear, which ended up a present to the alien Fisher, who treasured it ever since.

Orphan girl Penny owned a teddy bear (dubbed Teddy) which she loved greatly.

Behind the scenes

The first-ever Teddy Bear is seen in the 2001 story The Sharpie of the Culebra Cut, although other Teddy Bears were featured, without much fanfare, in many previous