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Temper, Temper, Donald! is an illustrated text story. It features Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Chip and Dale.


Donald Duck plans to enter his boat, the Miss Daisy, in the annual Duckburg Boat Parade. However, he is banned from this year's parade, because, last year, he ruined the parade by chasing Chip and Dale. When he gets home, he finds Minnie and Daisy there. Daisy tells him that they will be entering the parade this year with a rented boat. Donald tells them that they should use the Miss Daisy instead, and that he will tell them what to do. Daisy replies that they already know what to do, and that there are plenty of nice rental boats. Losing his temper, Donald tells that they have to use the Miss Daisy, because if they don't, it will have to stay out of the parade this year. He tells them the whole story, and they agree to pilot the Miss Daisy, on a few conditions: Daisy is captain, Donald can't lose his temper, they get to decorate Donald's boat, and he can't tell them how to sell. Donald begrudgingly agrees, and Daisy takes his hat. Gathering supplies for the race, Donald tries hard not to lose his temper. At the race, he sees that Minnie and Daisy have decorated his boat with water lilies, and invited Chip and Dale on as passengers. During the race, deciding it is the two chipmunk's fault in the first place that he is in this mess, Donald grabs a hose and sprays them. They each grab onto opposite ends of the boat's wheel to keep from being washed away, causing the boat to spin wildly. They fall off in a heap onto the carpet on which the water lilies are sitting, and Donald puts the hose under the carpet and turns it on. The water bursts through the carpet, causing a fountain of water lilies (and chipmunks), just as the boat crashes into the judges' stand. Daisy wins first prize for special effects (a new category created just for her), while Donald, angry because he caused the fountain and Daisy got the prize, finally loses his temper at the judges. Meanwhile, Minnie and Daisy admire their new trophy, in the shape of a small sailboat.

Behind the scenes

Temper, Temper, Donald! was published as a story included in Disney's Year Book 1998 (in, of course, 1998).