The “Temple of the Otherworlders” was a temple located somewhere in the Indus subcontinent, on the planet Earth.


The Temple of the Otherworlders was a looming building modeled after religions Hindu temples of the same area and date. It was constructed by a lost ancient Indian people to honor the Otherworlders, an advanced extra-terrestrial people who had taken an interest in their affairs and begun to share wisdom with them. The Temple was decorated with an endless number of carvings depicting the Otherworlders.

The great hall of the Temple housed a large statue of an Otherworlder, which, if touched, allowed one to travel through a wormhole to the "Otherworld", the planet from which the Otherworlders hailed from. Long after the Otherworlder civilization had been wiped out by the Reptile-Men, and the Earth people they had befriended faded into obscurity, the portal remained, all but forgotten, the last such portal still in function — as the Otherworlders had deactivated all others in their war against the Reptile-Men, hoping to isolate their planet, cutting any easy path of entry for their invaders.

Back on Earth, the Temple was swallowed by the jungle and lost to time, until the researches of Professor Von Dumbikhan in the very dawn of the 21st century uncovered its existence and significance. Due to the widespread skepticism of Earthlings, be it concerning extraterrestrial life or magic, Von Dumbikhan was laughed out of the scientific community and unable to find funding for an expedition. A few years later however, adventurer-billionaire Scrooge McDuck heard of his discoveries and braved the uncharted jungle in search of the Temple, flanked as usual by his nephew Donald and his grandnephews Huey, Dewey and Louie.

The Ducks ended up accidentally uncovering the wormhole and being sucked away to the Otherworld, where they encountered the Reptile-Men and accidentally led them to the portal — which they planned to use to conquer and loot the Earth. The Earthlings managed to escape back through the portal and temporarily repel the invaders, but, to prevent them from regrouping and coming back at full strength, Donald Duck took the decision to irreparably destroy the Temple — and the wormhole with it — using portable explosives which Scrooge McDuck carried in his backpack.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Temple of the Otherworlders was seen in the 2002 story Planet of the Oafs.

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