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The 'Lectro Box is a comic story written by Bill Walsh, penciled by Floyd Gottfredson and inked by Dick Moores. It features Mickey Mouse, Morty Fieldmouse, PlutoGoofy, Clarabelle Cow, Minnie Mouse, Fifi the Peke, and, in their debut, Buster the Bacteria, the Cannibal Plant, the Peach TreeMinnie's Aunt, Jonathan Mouse, his mother and father, Josh Goofy, J. M. Redundant, Dr Grut and his Aberzombies (including Thaddeus), and, of course, the titular Electro-Box. Robert Fulton is also mentioned.


After tinkering with random electrical components, Morty and his Uncle Mickey accidentally create an incredibly powerful and versatile machine — the Electro-Box. Unfortunately, the machine's effects are almost completely random, and to boot the Box may or may not have a mind of its own. As if that wasn't enough, the wave of strange incidents caused in Mouseton by the Electro-Box catches the eye of the monstrous mad scientist Dr Grut

Behind the scenes

The 'Lectro Box was serialized as a comic strip in various American newspapers between October the 25th, 1943 and February the 5th, 1944. It was then serialized in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #51 to #55, with a slight alteration to the final page's art. That same version was reprinted in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #568 to #572. The story, in a format closer to the original strips, was then reprinted in the Floyd Gottfredson Library.