NonDisney The Account of Chompignac (Le Conte du Champignap in the original French) is a five-page comic story written and drawn by Fabrice Tarrin. It features Spirou, Fantasio, Pacôme de Champignac, Spip, Zorglub, the Marsupilami and (in a surprise cameo) Nestor.


A new breed of mushrooms created by the Count of Champignac have buried half of Champignac under mounds of dirt. As they tunnel upwards, our heroes discover that Zorglub had something to do with the catastrophe…

Behind the scenesEdit

This comic story was only ever printed in April of 2013, in French, in Le Journal de Spirou #3914.

The Account of Chompignac has not been officially translated in English anywhere, but it was scanlated on Spirou Reporter in December of 2014, a year after its release.

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