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The Adventures of Sinbad Duck (Le Avventure di Paperin-Simbad in the original Italian) is a comic story written by Giorgio Ferrari and drawn by Miquel Pujol. A Great Parody of the Sinbad the Sailor story from the Arabian Nights, it features Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, and, in their debuts, Sinbad Duck, Deysi, Sinbad's Crew, Al-Ghander, the Bey A'Ghel Pirates, Sultan Scrooge Al-Duck and the Terrible Roc.


Hired by his Uncle Scrooge to clean up the tycoon's old library in his Money Bin, Donald Duck gets distracted reading one of the books in question, the Diary of Sinbad Duck, an adventurous ancestor of his, which relates his meeting of the princess Deysi and how he rescued her from the clutches of the Terrible Roc, earning her love in the process.



  • The Fantastic Adventures of Marco Polo (1982) already showed Scrooge McDuck to be familiar with Marco Polo's The Million, being that that story was about Scrooge overseeing the adaption of the book into a TV series in which he himself played a part.
  • The Last Voyage of Ringtail Van Dukke (1992) would once more have Donald Duck finding the diary of one of his seafaring ancestors in a long-forgotten, dusty library in the Money Bin, although the "room of ancestral records" in the 1992 story cannot be assumed to be the same as the mere general-purposes Library in the 1985 tale. This incidentally makes the presence of the Diary in the library, rather than among the ancestral records, fairly odd.
  • Donald Duck giddily mentioning that he generally loves stories about adventures at sea is consistent with Family Ties (2014) positing that from a very early age, Donald dreamt of becoming a sailor.

Behind the scenes

This story was first printed in 1985 in Topolino #1519. It was released in English through the ComiXology website and the Disney Comics Store app.

Being a Great Parody, the story "casts" recognizable present-day characters as the players in the Sinbad flashback: Donald is Sinbad, Deysi is Daisy Duck, Al-Ghander is Gladstone Gander, the Bey A'Ghel Pirates are the Beagle Boys, Scrooge Al-Duck is Scrooge McDuck, and Sinbad's Crew are Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck. However, only Sinbad (and Deysi) are shown to be ancestors of Donald, while the Crew are never shown to be Sinbad Duck's nephews as one might expect, Deysi is Scrooge Al-Duck's ward rather than any sort of blood relation, and Al-Ghander is a wholly unrelated nobleman. It is, at least, fairly possible that the Bey A'Ghel Pirates were one of the ancestral clans of Beagle Boys who recur in many stories.