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The Art Collectors is a written story, illustrated by Harvey Eisenberg. It features Mickey Mouse as well as Morty and Ferdie Fieldmouse; also mentioned are Gilhooley Phineas Mouse and Jehosophat.


An uncharacteristically cocky Mickey Mouse is intent on sculpting his ancestor Gilhooley Phineas Mouse in clay to win a competition that will earn him and his nephews a trip to an exclusive beach. However, Morty and Ferdie, unimpressed with "the Mickey Mouse theory of art" that everything will turn out alright if one is willing to supply hard work and determination, end up looking at the bust too close and breaking it…



  • Mickey Mouse's lack of propensity for molding clay is also very similarly displayed in the opening sequence of Epic Mickey (2010), which takes place prior to The Art Collectors, although it far postdates in real-world terms.

Behind the scenes

This short written story was published three times in English, first in Uncle Scrooge #22 in 1958, and then in Uncle Scrooge #66 and Uncle Scrooge #131.