The Art of Security is a comic one-pager featuring Scrooge McDuck.


Scrooge McDuck, in bed in McDuck Manor, worries about possible burglars, as, for the night, he has a million dollars in the house and no security whatsoever. Finding a fe cans of paint lying around, he decides to use them to paint a policeman on his window to scare off potential thieves.

Behind the scenesEdit

The story was first printed in 1956 in Uncle Scrooge #13. It was only ever reprinted in the U.S.A. in all versions of the Carl Barks Library, although it was also printed in English in the Australian Giant #58, Jumbo #35 and Giant #611.

Though he resembles one, the robber in Scrooge McDuck's imagination is actually not a Beagle Boy.

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