The Art of Skiing is a cartoon written by Leo Thiele and Ralph Wright and directed by Jack Kinney. It features Goofy and an unseen Narrator.


Goofy is on holiday in the Alps and determined to take up skiing. He is also the main subject of a sports documentary, as all his movements and "feats" are filmed and commented by an unseen narrator, who remains oblivious to the clumsy skier's numerous predicaments throughout the story and comments them as though they were textbook examples of masterful skiing.

Behind the scenesEdit

This short was released in November of 1941.

It is the first of a long series of Goofy cartoons where his not-at-all impressive sporting feats were unaccurately commented by an unseen and very pompous narrator, for comedic purposes; the earliest cartoons in this series were titled with variations of "The Art of…" (the next cartoon in this series being The Art of Self-Defense), but, very soon, it was replaced with "How to…", a denomination which stuck so well that those cartoons are known today as the "How To Cartoons".

The Art of Skiing is also notable for being the very first cartoon using the famous "Goofy Yell", a yodel-like yell that Goofy (and, later, numerous other characters) would use when they fell down a great height. It was recorded by Hansel Schroll along with various other yodels for this cartoon, and reused out of chance in another cartoon as, once more, a yell from Goofy; only later did using it almost everywhere turn into an almost legendary easter egg.

Despite its great fame, The Art of Skiing was very rarely adapted in printed form; it was turned twice into a storybook, and was the basis of one 2010 one-pager.

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