The Bad Apple is an interactive animated comic story. It features Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Doctor Frankenollie, Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs, Norman, and Grimhilde. A portrait of Minnie Mouse also appears.


When Goofy gets a mysterious e-mail from an unknown sender supposedly containing a game called "Pie In The Sky", he sends it to Mickey, and says that they should open it. Mickey isn't so sure, and tells Goofy a story he once heard about Snow White being poisoned by an apple from an unknown baker (really Queen Grimhilde) and that this situation could be like that; indeed, the characters do not yet know that the game is actually a virus created by Mickey's old maniac of a nemesis, Doctor Frankenollie. (Note: multiple endings exist, this description follows the "correct" one) Mickey and Goofy delete the emails, destroying Frankenollie's virus. Frankenollie, in rage, smashes his computer against a telephone pole, causing it to electrocute him.

Behind the scenes

The Bad Apple is the second episode of Cybernetiquette.

The episode was once available on the British and Australian Disney websites, but has been removed from both. It is, however, still available on the Internet Archive.

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