The Band Concert is a cartoon story. It features Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Clarabelle Cow, Horace Horsecollar, Peter Pig, and, in their debuts, Paddy Pig and the Trombone-Playing Dog.

Description Edit

Mickey, having organized a band, is attempting to conduct a concert, consisting of Zampa and the William Tell Overture, but is continuously interrupted by snack vendor Donald Duck trying to join in the concert with his rendition of "Turkey in the Straw". Although Mickey attempts to take his instrument, Donald seems to have a near-endless supply of flutes hidden in various articles of clothing. This is a minor interruption, however, compared to the tornado that tears through the area during part two of the Overture, titled, appropriately enough, The Storm. The band is sent into complete disarray by the twister... except for Donald, who finally completes "Turkey in the Straw".

Behind the scenes Edit

The Band Concert was released as part of the Mickey Mouse film series in February of 1935. It is the first entry in the series to be originally released in color, however, it is not the first color film appearance of Mickey Mouse, as that honor goes to Parade of the Award Nominees in 1932.

Gideon Goat was originally meant to have a role in the cartoon, and as such appeared in promotional material for the film, such as the poster and the film's Good Housekeeping poem. In the final film, however, he was replaced with the Trombone-Playing Dog, for unknown reasons. Similarly, Donald Duck was originally intended to be a part of the band. This, too, was reflected in the poster and poem. In the final film, his role was taken by Paddy Pig, and he appeared as the snack vendor. A possible in-universe explanation for this is that the Good Housekeeping poem was, in fact, a rehearsal for the concert, and that Gideon Goat was then for some reason unavailable on the day of the actual event, and replaced by the Dog, while Donald Duck was cut from the concert due to his lack of musical talent and replaced with Paddy Pig, leading to his trying to infiltrate the concert as a snack vendor.

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