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The Beagle Boys and the Last Pirate (I Bassotti e l'Ultimo Pirata in the original Italian), or simply The Last Pirate, is a comic story written by Marco Bosco and Massimiliano Valentini, and drawn by Giorgio Di Vita. It features the Beagle Boys, Ludwig von Drake and Fethry Duck, and also mentions Scrooge McDuck, Morgan Duck, the Coast BrothersTamakuri VI and the Minotaur. It also features a cameo of Vacation Van Honk.


The Beagle Boys tag along after Ludwig von Drake and Fethry Duck, whom an old parchment scroll has put on the trail of the legendary loot of pirate Morgan Duck. The quest for gold leads the ducks and their old enemies to Drakehete, where they find the treasure is inextricably linked to the island's history and another set of pirates, the Coast Brothers

Behind the scenes

This story was first printed in February of 2004 in Italy in Topolino #2516. In English, it was released on the "Disney Comics" IOS app and ComiXology website.