The Best Pal He'll Ever Have

The best pal he ll ever have by kellym mortal-d50mhay.png

The Best Pal He'll Ever Have was the seventh story of Kelly Green's Haunted Mansion Fancomics, being a comic story written & drawn by Kelly Green. It features the Ghost Host, Master Gracey (as a distinct individual) and the Hatbox Ghost. Goofy's distinctive chuckle is heard, but he does not appear in person.


As the Ghost Host goes through a trying day giving tours to rude mortals, trying to cope with Master Gracey's whims, and making sure the Hatbox Ghost doesn't sneak back into the Mansion, he reflects on the only person who really likes him — himself.


Behind the scenes

This fancomic was released on May the 20th, 2012 on DeviantArt. It has since been deleted, but was preserved on the Internet Archive.

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