The Blot and the Blob is a comic story written by Jaakko Seppälä and drawn by Fabrizio Petrossi. It features the Phantom Blot, the Blot, Mickey Mouse and Chief O'Hara, and the likeness of Diablo makes a cameo.


The Phantom Blot breaks into the Mouseton Museum's temporary exhibit on Parallel Universes in an effort to gain access to a Dimensional Gateway he hopes to use to summon dark powers from other dimensions and make them do his bidding. He succeeds a dark power alright — but why does this creature look so much like him?


Zombie in the Voodoo Exhibit

The Bombie-esque zombie.

  • The Blot has been greatly weakened following the ending of Epic Mickey (2010), cut down to size and unable to hold a physical form for long.
  • The Blot's wrath at its lack of a stable physical form was alluded to in interviews by Warren Spector as the intended motivation of the Blot, inasmuch as it has one, within Epic Mickey (2010).
  • The Blot is angered at the thought of a mortal trying to control it once again. Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (2013) previously established that the Mad Doctor had turned himself into an animatronic in an effort to control the Blot, although the plan had gone awry and the Doctor had ended up forging an uneasy alliance with the Blot, and later Shadow Blot, instead.
  • The voodoo exhibit contains what appears to be a depiction of a zombie, depicted similarly to Bombie the Zombie in Voodoo Hoodoo (1949).

Behind the scenesEdit

The Blot and the Blob was first printed in 2019 in the Norwegian Donald Duck & Co #2019-19. The first use of the Blot out of the Epic Mickey franchise, it has never been printed in English to date, although a scanlation does exist.

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