The Candy House, also known as Hansel and Gretel, is a cartoon story written by Roberts Gannaway, Kevil D. Campbell and Rick Schneider and directed by Tony Craig and Roberts Gannaway. It features Mickey and Minnie Mouse as well as the Witch in the Candy House.


Strolling through the forest, Mickey and Minnie come across a fantastical house made of candy that seems straight out of a fairy tale. Indeed, it does come from a fairy tale, but not the pleasant and carefree kind… this is the Candy House of Hansel and Gretel, and inside the house, a devious witch is out to get them!


Behind the scenesEdit

This short, released in September of 1999 as part of the Mickey Mouse Works block, and better known for its rerelease as part of the package film Mickey's House of Villains, is a throwback to Fantasia and is timed to the Danse Macabre of Camille Saint-Saëns.

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