The Chaos Coin Catastrophe! is a comic story whose writer is unknown and which was drawn by Giuseppe Della Santa. It features Scrooge McDuckHuey, Dewey and Louie DuckLaunchpad McQuack, and, in a brief cameo in a thought bubble, the DuckTales Beagle Boys.


Once more counting the contents of his Money BinScrooge McDuck is surprised to find one coin too many. The surnumerary coin is not even a normal one — it has his own face drawn on it, and apparently comes from the Island of Usayvus, which Scrooge doesn't remember having ever visited. Scrooge travels to Usayvus along with his nephews and pilot Launchpad McQuack. Once there, however, they are faced with the hostility of the population, who seem terrified upon learning that not only is Scrooge back, but he has brought the Coin with him! It's a puzzling mystery related to Scrooge's own past that the Ducks must solve before they cause a catastrophe that could destroy the very island of Usayvus!

Behind the scenesEdit

This story was first published in 1990 in Disney Adventures #0. It was then reprinted in Disney's Colossal Comic Collection #1.

It is an episode of the DuckTales series.

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