The Chips Are Flying is a comic story drawn by Dick Moores and released in 1955.[1] It features Chip, Dale, Grimhilde, Bambi, Dumbo, Timothy Mouse and Casey Junior.


Chip and Dale notice that a circus train seems to have stopped right outside of their forest home. Intrigued, they approach the train and meet the famous flying elephant, Dumbo, and his manager, Timothy Mouse. After getting the pachyderm's autograph, the chipmunks get a chance to fly in Dumbo's hat. Unfortunately, their flight is stopped short when Grimhilde uses a magical elixir to capture Dumbo, intent on using him as her method of flight from now on and turning him into a statue when he is not in use. Chip, Dale, and Timothy, with assistance from their friend, Bambi, must work together to save their elephant friend from the wicked witch. Will they be able to before the circus train leaves Dumbo and Timothy behind?

Behind the scenesEdit

The Chips Are Flying was drawn by Dick Moores. The writer is unknown. It was originally released in July of 1955.[1]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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