The Daily War Drum was the blog of Simone Cavazzuti, although it has been inactive since 2014.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Daily War Drum was primarily a venue for Cavazzuti to post interviews he conducted (either in English or Italian) with various Disney comics creators such as Pat Block, John Lustig or Daan Jippes. Many of the articles posted on his blog in English also appeared in printe Scandinavian Disney comics fanzines. One, Bogford McDivot, provided new canonical information about McDuck genealogy by John Lustig, for which reason it has a page of its own on this Wiki.

The Daily War Drum was also occasionally used by Cavazzuti to release original content, such as his comic strips of Arthur the Crook (a clumsy dognose thief with a marked resemblance to the Beagle Boys, although, this stylistic similarity aside, the Arthur the Crook comics bear no explicit relationship to the Disney comics universe).

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Daily War Drum has, since 2010, been hosted by

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