The Divine Comedy is an epic narrative poem written by Dante Alighieri.


One of the greatest works in Italian literature, the Divine Comedy is best-known for the first of its three sections, the Inferno, which sees the viewpoint character (a fictional version of the author himself, Dante) led through Hell by the shade of the poetVirgil. In 1949, Mickey Mouse and Goofy starred in a stage adaptation of Dante's Inferno, and, hypnotized by Abdul, subsequently found themselves traveling through a surreal, dream version of Dante's Underworld.

Behind the scenesEdit

More commonly referred to as the Divine Comedy (with "the" not being a part of the title), and known in the original Italian as Divina Commedia, Dante's Divine Comedy is, of course, actually one the foundational texts of Italian culture. It is primarily of relevance to Disney comics through Mickey's Inferno (1949), the first of the Great Parodies, and its semi-sequel Donald's Inferno (1949).

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