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The Duckforce Rises was a video game. It featured Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Daisy Duck, Gyro Gearloose, Little Helper, Flintheart Glomgold, the Beagle Boys, Grandpa Beagle, the Northman, Grunt, the Caveduck, Ratface, Magica De Spell, R.O.B., Steamy, Emil Eagle, Super Daisy, Duck Avenger, Valkyrie Duck, Blackheart Beagle and Cornelius Coot.


Magica De Spell has a new plan to take over Duckburg. Using the Forbidden Book of Magic, she summons dangerous beings to threaten the city. Meanwhile, Emil Eagle creates an army of robots, which cause havoc everywhere. Glomgold and the Beagles join the two, and together, they begin to take control of the city. It's up to Scrooge McDuck, Duck Avenger, Super Daisy, and Gyro Gearloose to defeat the monsters and robots and save the city from chaos.

Behind the scenes

The Duckforce Rises was created by Sanoma Media in association with Disney Mobile Studios for iOS and Android devices. It was released in the United States and New Zealand on October 14, 2015. The game unfortunately closed in 2016, after Sanoma Media decided to stop supporting the game.