The Evil Inventor is a comic story written by Vic Lockman, penciled by Jack Bradbury and inked by Steve Steere. It features Gyro Gearloose and Emil Eagle, in his first appearance.


The mediocre inventor Emil Eagle tries varous tricks and disguises to steal plans of revolutionary inventions from Gyro Gearloose. Although Gyro manages to fight him off several times, he eventually gets away with some plans. However, the bald eagle's clumsy use of one of the least revolutionary inventions he's got hold of, a fast hair-growing lotion, quickly lands him in jail after he is forced to go beg Gyro for help to cancel the out-of-control effects of the lotion.

Behind the scenesEdit

This story was only ever printed in English in the 1966 Uncle Scrooge #63. It is Emil Eagle's first appearance.

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