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The Formula for a Perfect Holiday, also known by the fan-generated title of A Break for the Brain, is a comic story written by Jaakko Seppälä and drawn by Pablo Reche. The story features Emily Quackfaster, also mentioning her employer Scrooge McDuck.


Miss Quackfaster spends her day off at an amusement park. Yet even though she is initially determined to give herself a true break and not count or compute anything for 24 hours, it seems she just can't help seeing numbers, wherever she goes… though where would the fun be otherwise?


Behind the scenes

Though apparently created in 2016, judging by its INDUCKS code, this story was first printed in 2017 in the Norwegian Donald Duck & Co #2017-33. It has thus far never been officially printed in English, the English page depicted above being a fan-produced translation.