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The Giant Butterfly of Duckburg! is the second story featured in DuckTales #6, it was proceeded by and paired with Welcome to Beagle Island.


When Donald gets a new job and can't attend the Junior Woodchucks father & son camping trip, causing Huey to feel left out. However, he manages to convince his Scrooge McDuck to join him on the trip.


Huey was sulking in his room when Scrooge McDuck went looking for Donald. Not noticing how upset Huey was, he asks Huey if he's seen Donald. Huey explains the fact that Donald got a job at Duckburg Airline. Huey then mentions how Donald couldn't take him to the Junior Woodchucks father & son camping trip. Scrooge said that if anyone should go with Huey, it should be him, and though he didn't mean he wanted to go with Huey, he decides to go along with him anyway, as long as he doesn't hug him.

Now at the 87th Junior Woodchuck Father/Son Camping Trip in Duckburg National Park, Huey, Scrooge and the other Junior Woodchucks are getting ready. Launchpad McQuack serves as the Coach and gave Scrooge a demerit for not wearing the Junior Woodchuck outfit. Despite this mishap, Scrooge clears the first competition of creating a bonfire incredibly quickly and quickly becomes the center of attention. After spotting butterflies, Scrooge tells the scouts of the "Duckburg Giant", a unique, one of a kind giant butterfly who resides in the National Park. He soon leads the way to find the butterfly, crossing a collapsed suspension bridge while all the other scouts, both children and adults, tell Huey how cool they think his uncle is, causing Huey to grow annoyed.

On the other side of the bridge, they finally find the Duckburg Giant. Wanting to get attention from his uncle, Huey climbs the tree in order to get a closer look to it. Scrooge calls him down from the tree, causing Huey but Huey doesn't take head of his warnings, believing Scrooge is just trying to hog the attention once again. As it turns out, Scrooge was warning Huey about an eagle's nest. The eagle scoops up Huey and flies him away, but Scrooge manages to snatch another eagle, eventually saving the boy. The two get into a brief argument with Huey eventually saying that he just wanted Scrooge to be proud of him for once, but Scrooge admits that he always thought of Huey as the smartest and most resourceful person he ever met, other then himself of course. The two then embrace as the other Woodchuck Junior scouts share a tender moment with their guardian figures.




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