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The Golden Touch is a cartoon directed by Walt Disney. It features the Grim Reaper, and, in their debuts, King Midas and the imp Goldy.


Wealthy and greedy King Midas is met by an imp-like being calling himself “Goldy”, who possesses the much-coveted Golden Touch: the ability to turn anything he touches into pure gold. At Midas's request, Goldie grants Midas this power, though warning him that it will do a mortal human no good…


Behind the scenesEdit

This version of the Midas myth was released in 1935, and is the 50th episode of Silly Symphonies. For the occasion, Walt Disney himself came back to directing an animated subject, something he had not done for years. Dissatisfied with the end result however, Disney swore off directing cartoon shorts and forbid his workers from talking about The Golden Touch in his presence.

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