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The Golden Touch is a comic story drawn by Jack Bradbury. It features King Midas, Goldy, and, in his debut, Jason.


Wealthy and greedy King Midas is met by an imp-like being calling himself “Goldy”, who possesses the much-coveted Golden Touch: the ability to turn anything he touches into pure gold. At Midas's request, Goldie grants Midas this power, though warning him that it will do a mortal human no good…

Behind the scenesEdit

Serving as a comic adaptation of the 1935 The Golden Touch cartoon, this story was only ever printed in English in Silly Symphonies #2. Unusually for the cartoon adaptations, the story is a rather different retelling, keeping the broad lines of the cartoon but letting the details vary greatly. The physical appearances of Goldy and Midas are also both altered to reflect the modern 1950's style of Disney animation rather than the more archaic 1930's version.

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