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The Haunted Mansion was the maquette created by Walt Disney Imagineers in the second half of the 1960's.


This version of the Mansion was a scale model of the then-unbuilt The Haunted Mansion ride, and mostly featured the same characters and scenes; however, as the maquette represented an early stage of development, several differences exist between it and the finished ride. For example, it features a different selection of Changing Portraits, limited to the Old Miser and Mephistopheles, the Black Prince, the Witch of Walpurgis and Miss April-December's portraits. As the characters' and rooms' designs were updated, the maquette was altered and new plaster models created; thus, several successive designs of various characters such as Victor Geist and the Hatbox Ghost exist.

Behind the scenes

A behind-the-scenes reference for the Imagineers, the maquette was never officially released, though the plaster character-figures were later sold as collectors' items. Portions of it, however, were filmed and the film widely released, notably the Ballroom scene. The way things were staged in the maquette was also carried over to The Story and Song of the Haunted Mansion’s Colin Campbell illustrations.