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The Haunted Mansion Show is an unofficial webseries created by Nick Barbera. The 13 episode of Season 1 were released by Barbera on his YouTube channel before the show was revamped for MiceChat, with is long-running Season 2 all airing there. A little over 10 years after the start of the show, Season 2 ended, with the announcement that the storylines would be continued in the form of an audio drama series.


Presented as an online show hosted by the Ghost Host himself, The Haunted Mansion Show comprises episodes of 10 minutes in length on average. Featuring various Haunted Mansion residents (and occasional guest stars), the show is also the venue for the sharing of news about the Haunted Mansion franchise.

In Season 1, the Ghost Host alternated between a human form portrayed in the flesh by Nick Barbera and a skeletal form created through puppet-work. From the first episode of Season 2 onwards, the Ghost Host and all other recurring characters would appear strictly in puppet form, with only occasional guest characters being live-action.

List of episodesEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. 09/09/09
  2. Halloween Preparations
  3. “Epic” Proportions
  4. Scary Christmas and a Haunted New Year!
  5. A “Grave” New Look
  6. Return of the “Noose”
  7. A Queue Review
    BONUS EPISODE: A Message From Your Ghost Host
    BONUS EPISODE: Holiday Greeting
  8. Return of the Culture and Fanmail
  9. Surrealestate
  10. Up to Date from the Grave
    BONUS EPISODE: Haunted Mansion Show Announcement
  11. Why Is Halloween Fun?
  12. Tales From Regions Beyond
  13. A Graveyard-Smashing Halloween!
    BONUS EPISODE: Happy Haunted Thanksgiving!

Season 2Edit

  1. Welcome, Foolish Mortals (also Welcome Foolish Mortals)

Season 3Edit

Yet to be released

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