The History of the Clan McDuck is a sketch-only prologue to The Last of the Clan McDuck written and drawn by Keno Don Rosa.


The history of various McDuck (or MacDuich) family member throughout the ages, starting with the McDuich who sold the stones to build Hadrian's Wall and up to wee Scrooge McDuck himself.

Behind the scenesEdit

This seven-pages-long sequence was supposed to be the opening for the first episode of Don Rosa's The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, The Last of the Clan McDuck. His editor Byron Erickson, however, suggested that the story ought to be more centered on Scrooge. Therefore, The History of the Clan McDuck was cut, and the proper story's opening was slightly reworked. The History would not see the light of day until the 2011 Scandinavian Don Rosa Library, and was not published in English until 2015 in Volume 4 of Fantagraphic's Don Rosa Library.

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