The Inner-Earth Adventure is a comic story drawn by Pete Alvarado. It features Scrooge McDuck and Gyro Gearloose, along with the debut of the Togs and the Krogs.


Scrooge McDuck, wishing to exploit the riches of outer space, has Gyro Gearloose build him a rocket ship. Unfortunately, the imperfect machine works backwards and the two Duckburg heroes are soon stranded in an inner-earth network of caves inhabited by two primitive peoples, the Togs and the Krogs, who, unluckily enough, are at war at the moment…

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Inner-Earth Adventure was first released in February of 1982 in Uncle Scrooge #194 (in the United States of America).

Scrooge's will to exploit the riches of space in the opening is reminescent of Don Rosa's later story, Attack of the Hideous Space Varmints (though the two plots are quick to branch off from each other). The two conflicting underground people that are the Togs and the Krogs is also very similar to Carl Barks's Terries and Fermies featured in his earlier story Land beneath the ground.

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