The Labors of Juliet is a written story by Aristide Twain, and illustrated by the same. It features the Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids (mainly Juliet-178, although Pythagoras-858 and, in his debut, Peter-707, are also mentioned), and, in their debut, t he Sisters of Juliet. A Cupid Judge is also mentioned, as is the Creator.


After committing the forbidden crime of clockmaking to get out of work at the Department of Problem-Solving, Juliet-178 is exiled to a desert dimension until she can romanticise 100 creatures. After creating another Juliet from the parts of her Fog Ship to help her with the task, she's sure that she can get the job done - although she can't help but feeling that the Department of Discipline has been unusually lenient with her punishment...


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Behind the scenesEdit

This short story was released in April of 2019 on the Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids website. It was the second fully narrative short story released there, following Lord Thymon and the Department of Problem-Solving, and was later collected in The Quintessential Cupid with a new cover.

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