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The Last Voyage of Ringtail Van Dukke (titled Donald Duck als piraat in the original Dutch) is a comic story written by Evert Geradts and drawn by Ben Verhagen. It features Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck, numerous Beagle Boys both past and present, and, in their debut, Ringtail Van Dukke, Pinchpenny Van Dukke and Gruffy, Ruffy and Tuffy Van Dukke.


A mysterious drop in the level of the Money Bin's sea of coins reveals an old archives room in which the Ducks find and read the history of their pirate ancestor, Ringtail Van Dukke, up until he lost a treasure he had sworn to protect, dooming him to the life of a seafaring revenant ever looking for the chest. Not long after, a tornado whirls Donald and the boys at sea, where they don't take a long time to encounter a certain ghost pirate!


Behind the scenes

This story was first printed in 1992 in the Dutch Donald Duck #1992-03. It was printed in English in Donald Duck Adventures #39.