The Last of the Blackducks is a comic story written by Darko Macan and drawn by Paolo Mottura. It features Donald Duck, and, in their debut, Ferdinand Blackduck, Mabel, Michael, Michael's AuntieDoctor Blackduck, Mrs BlackduckMr Ratford and Ernest Ratford


Just as he was becoming particularly dispirited with his latest job (courtesy of business shark Mr Ratford), Donald Duck is shanghaied by eccentric pirate's ghost Ferdinand Blackduck, who introduces himself as his distant ancestor and wants him to join the family traditions! Soon Donald develops a taste for seafaring life, Blackduck is slowly coming around to the idea of a more honest life, and his pet whale Mable is learning new tricks: in short, everyone's happy. But it's not to last…

Behind the scenesEdit

This story was first printed in 2000 in the German Lustiges Taschenbuch #277. It was printed in English in Donald Duck Adventures #9, with localization by Annette Roman.

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