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The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck (also written The Life and Times of $crooge McDuck) is an award-winning American comic series written and drawn by Keno Don Rosa.

General plot

The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck are an attempt at solidifying the most important events of Scrooge McDuck's early life, from him winning his number one dime in 1877 to his first official meeting with his nephew Donald Duck and his grandnephews Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck. This story is told through the means of a photo album of Scrooge's life made by his sister Matilda, a picture of which opens each of the twelve chapters.

The Twelve Original Chapters

I — The Last of the Clan McDuck

Glasgow, Scotland. Wee Scrooge McDuck just turned 10 and is deemed able to work by his kind but very poor father Fergus McDuck; he subsequently wins his first coin ever as a shoeshiner. However, the coin in question is an american dime he can't possibly hope to spend in Scotland; as he has technically been swindled, it teaches him to be cautious when it comes to business. He later visits the abandoned castle that once housed the Clan McDuck during its hours of glory, and meets a peculiar keeper (actually Sir Quackly McDuck's ghost) who helps him fight off the Whiskervilles while also inspiring him to go to America to get rich again like his ancestors.

II — The Master of the Mississippi

Scrooge arrives in Louisville where he tries to contact an uncle of his who already lives there: Angus McDuck, who (as Scrooge soon fins out) is now nicknamed Pothole. A lucky gambler, Angus just won at poker a steamboat, which he decides to use to search for a sunken treasure. However, the boat's original owner, swindling businessman and casino-owner Porker Hogg, follows them and attempts to steal the treasure, using as minions the local Beagle Boys, who would later turn out to be the fathers of those that currently chase Scrooge's money in Duckburg.

III — The Buckaroo of the Badlands

Scrooge McDuck, changing his first name to "Buck" to better fit with his new surroundings, becomes a cowboy for his rich fellow scotsman Murdo McKenzie. Due to his amazing skills, he is put in charge of an especially ferocious bull that McKenzie hopes to present to an important contest. However, rusters named the McVipers try to steal the cattle. Scrooge chases them through the Badlands to get the bull (and his job) back, and on the way meets a young Theodore Roosevelt.

IV — Raider of the Copper Hill

Scrooge meets and befriends American billionaire Howard Rockerduck (father of his future rival John D. Rockerduck), who invested tremendous amounts in a silver mine that actually contains nothing but copper. This seems like bad luck until the reveal that, as electricity's use is widening at fast speed, there is a great need of electric wires… which are made of copper. Said copper mine thus becomes extremely precious. And it turns out Scrooge could have a legal claim on it…

V — The New Laird of Castle McDuck

Scrooge comes back to Scotland at his parents' call for help, as the Whiskervilles have found a way to get hold of the McDucks' castle (which they plan to burn to make way for new sheep pastures). Helped by the ghosts of his ancesotrs (including Sir Quackly), he manages to fight them back, but looses all the money he made at Copper Hill in the process.

VI — The Terror of the Transvaal

Scrooge McDuck is digging for diamonds in the African Transvaal when he meets another prospector, that he will later know as his rival Flintheart Glomgold. They initially become friends, but Flintheart quickly betrays Scrooge, steals his belongings and abandons him in the middle of the savanna. But he underestimated the scottish duck…

VII — Dreamtime Duck of Never Never

Scrooge, now prospecting in Australia, saves an old aborigine named Jabiru Kapirgi from a thief, and the elder man, in return, shows him a cave with beautiful and prophetic paintings, where he discovers a glimpse of his future life that gives him the inspiration to go to the Klondike. 

VIII — King of the Klondike

Scrooge, after so many unsuccessful attempts, finally hits the jackpot in the Klondike in White Agony Creek when he discovers a rich vein of gold. He also meets, however, the beautiful Goldie O'Gilt

IX — The Billionaire of Dismal Downs

Scrooge McDuck goes back to Scotland, thinking of settling there. To prove to the doubtful locals that depsite his globe-trotting adventures he remains a scotsman at heart, he takes part in the Highland Games, but is antagonized once more by the Whiskervilles…

X — The Invader of Fort Duckburg

Scrooge finally settles in Duckburg, where his sister Hortense meets the hot-tempered farmer Quackmore Duck (later to become Donald's father). But he also meets again the Beagle Boys as well as Theodore Roosevelt, now president of the United States of America…

XI — The Empire-builder from Calisota (also printed as The Richest Duck in the World)

Scrooge travels around the world, strengthening his financial empired… but also progressively loosing his ethics and his sisters' trust, which culminates when he burns down a village in Africa just to chase away its inhabitants because he wants to install a rubber tree plantation.

XII — The Richest Duck in the World (also printed as The Recluse of McDuck Manor)

Chrismas 1947. A depressed, bitter and old Scrooge McDuck invites his nephews DonaldHuey, Dewey, and Louie Duck to his manor to get to know them. To convince the incredulous Donald of his wealth, he decides to go back to the Money Bin for the first time in decades… but he finds it being robbed by the new generation of Beagle Boys, led by the same old Blackheart Beagle. This new adventures with his family gives him back the taste to live, and on he goes for more adventures around the world !

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