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The Life of Thor is a storybook based on Norse mythology.


By 1957, Gyro Gearloose and the Little Helper owned a copy of this book, an illustrated biography of the Norse god Thor which depicted him using his hammer and flying chariot to make war with “the Storm Gods”. The book once gave the Helper the idea to create himself a small flying chariot (pulled by two tame doves), which he used to chase Old Blackie and his crows off Gyro Gearloose's strawberry patch.

Behind the scenes

The Life of Thor is central to the events of the 1958 story Getting Thor. It later made a cameo in the 2020 unofficial comic An Exquisite Duck! as a continuity nod to the earlier story.

Notably, the real-life mythological Thor is himself a storm god, making it somewhat unclear who the Storm Gods mentioned in The Life of Thor are supposed to be.