"The Lovebird Jailbird", or a Beagle Boy Love Story (Miss Paperett e il Malaugurato Batticuore in the original Italian) is a comic story written by Gaya Perini and drawn by Silvia Ziche. It features Emily Quackfaster, 176-176, two other Beagle Boys, Blackheart Beagle and Scrooge McDuck.


176-176, one of the main trio of Beagle Boys in Duckburg, abruptly becomes lovestruck with Scrooge McDuck's secretary Emily Quackfaster. After an awkward start, Miss Quackfaster begins to reciprocate his interests, but demands that she become honest for her sake. 176 accepts, but his brothers and grandfather have other plans.

Behind the scenesEdit

This story was first printed in October of 2003 in Topolino #2653. It was never printed in English officially, but a scanlation of it is available online.

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