The Mad Doctor is a cartoon likely written by Walt Disney, and directed by Dave Hand. It features Mickey Mouse, Pluto, the Skeletons,  and (in his debut) the Mad Doctor.


In the middle of a stormy night, Mickey Mouse's dog Pluto is abducted by a strange hooded man. Following the figure to get his beloved companion back, Mickey finds himself in a haunted castle, even as the dognapper reveals himself to be an unhinged vivisectionist known simply as the Mad Doctor.

Behind the scenesEdit

This cartoon short was released in 1933 in black and white, and later colorized. Due to an oversight on Disney's part, it fell into the public domain, one of the only Mickey Mouse cartoons ever to do so.

Although the cartoon seems to imply the whole adventure was just a dream, further appearances by the Mad Doctor imply that it is in fact not so.

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