Fanwork The Millennium Map! is a short written synopsis by Kenn Bradley of a potential comic story. It features Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck and Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck.


After they discover that combined, they are the map to a treasure that is only revealed every thousand years, Scrooge McDuck and his nephews embark on a quest for the twin to a mysterious "crystal coin" which Scrooge has owned for years without knowing its true significance.


  • Scrooge McDuck finds out the significance of the Crystal Coins in the kids' Junior Woodchucks' Guidebook, fortuitously left open while the children sleep.
  • He had owned one of the Coins for many years, but was previously unable to buy the other one at a price which satisfied him.


Behind the scenesEdit

The Millennium Map! was one of the winners of DUCKhunt’s 1998 "story contest", ranking in fourth place.

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