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The Mysterious Chronicle is a written story in the form of a two-pages-long newspaper facsimile is a written story. It features the Phantom, James Collins, Doc Wassell, Dakota Dick, Old Joe, Cynthia Perry, Mary Murphy & Frank Ballard, J. Nutterville and Madame Leota.


The story presents itself as a facsimile of the October the 13th, 1885 edition of The Mysterious Chronicle, Thunder Mesa's local newspaper. Alongside some ads, including one for Madame Leota's séances, an article reports on sightings of ghosts seemingly escaped from Phantom Manor! The front page is taken up by a picture of the reader standing side-by-side with the Phantom himself, as the edition is one printed by the ghosts themselves using James Collins's abandoned spirit-photography equipment.


  • The Phantom is a known figure of myth to Thunder Mesa by this time, and his existence sometimes attributed to an old Indian curse.
  • Dakota Dick died 1869.
  • Thunder Mesa's local doctor is Doc Wassell, its undertaker is J. Nutterville.


  • The photolocation Spirit Photography (2018) was the medium for the release of The Mysterious Chronicle, and its conceit is to place the guests as Thunder Mesa residents who have their picture taken by the invisible escaped ghosts and printed out as the front-page picture of a new edition of The Mysterious Chronicle.
  • The "closed Phantom Manor" storyline pursued here was concluded in another fictional newspaper issue, Phantom Manor Unveiled (2019).

Behind the scenes

The Mysterious Chronicle was released in the first week of June of 2018. It appears to have been inspired by the Grim Gazette as seen as part of the Ghost Post even from a few years earlier.