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The Mysterious Pyramid is a comic story written by Vic Lockman, penciled by Tony Strobl and inked by Steve Steere. It features Donald Duck, Professor Pintail, Gladstone Gander and Daisy Duck.


Donald Duck is caught sliding down the ballister of the Duckburg City Museum's stairs for fun, something he has liked to do ever since he was a child, by the director of the Museum himself, Professor Pintail. However, rather than scold him, Pintail compliments his skills and invites him to go on an archeological trip with him to investigate the only Incan pyramid with a ballister, as he wants to test whether that ballister was, in fact, intended for sliding, or not. However, robbers who believe they will find priceless treasures in the pyramid follow them.


Behind the scenes

This story was first printed in 1961 in Donald Duck #79. It was reprinted in Donald Duck #200.