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The Odyssey is a comic story written by Gorm Transgaard and drawn by Vicar. It features Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and, in their debuts, Captain Percy and “Pearl”. Elvira Duck is also mentioned.


A walk down the docks sees Donald Duck tell Daisy Duck the story of why he always wears a sailor suit, despite the occasional misunderstandings it causes. That story sees a younger Donald traveling the world before being captain of a ship by a bet on his way home and facing down a crew of modern-day pirates…


  • Donald Duck spent a significant of time traveling "from island to island" in his youth.
  • His habit of always wearing a sailor suit turned into an ironclad rule as a tribute to the mysterious woman who saved him from drowning during the adventure he here recalls to Daisy.


  • The story takes place "a few years" after the events depicted in Donald's story, indicating that Donald has only recently settled in Duckburg and started dating Daisy Duck. This would place the flashback in 1936.
  • Donald mentions that by Grandma Duck's recollections, he was already fond of wearing sailor suits as a child. Indeed, according to From Egg to Duck (1984), Donald received his first sailor suit as a toddler, and many other stories about Donald's childhood and teenage years see him already wearing similar outfits.

Behind the scenes

The Odyssey was first printed in 1997 in the Swedish Kalle Anka & Co. #1997-21-22. It has never been printed in English.