The Old Army Game is a theatrical cartoon directed by Jack King. Carl Barks and Jack Hannah wrote the story, while the music was composed by Paul J. Smith.[1]The film features Donald Duck and Peg-Leg Pete, as the latter chases the former, an AWOL United States Army Private.


Donald, still a Private in the United States Army[2], arrives back to the Mallard Air Field Training Base after a night out in town, only to be confronted by the angered Air Sergeant Pete[3], who chases him through the camp.


  • Donald's rank, as of this short, is stated by Pete to be that of Private.
  • Some frames show both Donald and Pete with blue irises.
  • It is implied that both Donald and Pete are able to run faster than 35 miles per hour.


Behind the ScenesEdit

The Old Army Game was released on November the 5th, 1943.[1]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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